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30-11-2002, 23.17.19
si tratta di dc++ con alcuni bugs corretti :o
allego il file xchè è quasi introvabile... :o

30-11-2002, 23.36.23
....che kosa ha di meglio?

01-12-2002, 10.34.57
ciao vittozzo, ma l'hai provato?

01-12-2002, 10.44.36


Zipped Source-Code
Zipped Compiled EXE

Use WinMerge to see changes and additions in code (compare to dc++ 0.181 code)

Major Problems
#1 When the last segment is finished the queueitem must be removed (you can remove it on your own for now)
#2 When a segment is disconnected and a new one starts DCT++ crashes with Stack Overflow. No idea why... Seems to be STL related? A decrement of something...

Minor problems
#a When a segment is finished that users connection should be set for reuse, same file on new segment with higher ID
#b Segments are not assembled (use "copy /b segment1 + segment2 + segment3 wholefile" to assemble manually)
#c Logging - Logs per segment, "Hey, it's a feature, not a bug!"

Any help appreciated! //DST

Q: What is DCT++ anyway?
A: A version of DC++ that supports Segmented Downloading! Hence the name "Direct Connect Turbo ++"

Q: Isn't segmented downloading a bad thing?
A: Not really. Many think it would cause less slots to be open but really shouldn't. Consider this:
Every user wants to utilize his bandwidth fully, therefore he downloads a lot of files. With segmented downloading the user will download less files, but more parts of those files. The only problem that one cannot argue about is when the user continues to download many files and because of segmented downloading grabs more slots. The point of DCT++ is NOT to grab all available slots, the point is to download less files at a time. If the number of slots and the bandwidth utilized is the same comparing two users, one with and one without segmented downloading you have to agree it's not a bad thing. A feature that stops the user from starting more downloads is already built into standard DC++. (tab "Downloads" in settings, "don't start new download if speed is more than.") If that box has to be filled in the problem may be gone.

Q: I still think this is a bad idea!
A: If you're a hub owner create a script that blocks dct++. Just identify the "dct++" in the id-tag where you find the number of slots and hubs now. (This has not been fixed yet, but it will soon)


01-12-2002, 12.13.01
l'ho abbandonato...


emule rulez