Visualizza versione completa : New Apivision QTbar 1.3

04-03-2002, 10.50.17
Hi there!

I'm sorry, I don't speak italian - I just don't know how to contact the people and staff from Wintricks.it....

My name is Michael Sliwinski and I'm the author of Apivision QTbar.
I know that there is an article about Apivision QTbar on Wintricks.it (I speak Spanish, so I can understand a little Italian as well ;-)

Well, I would like to inform you that we've released the
new version of QTbar - 1.3 with lot's of new enhancements:

sub-folders and files in all the menus in drive buttons,
QTfolders and Windows folders
* the Tooltip is always showing you the names of the buttons
* the GO! button has been redesigned and now launches very fast!
* additional - Search-the-Internet-button featuring Mamma search engine
now you can search the Internet right from QTbar!!!
* now QTbar detects all the Internet Browsers (hopefully) - bugs fixed
* new design (better look) of the menus
* improved and simplified ZIPping and unZIPping (file compression)
* and much more!!!

more details (and new screenshots):


to download go to:


I hope you could also write something about it on your website (some additional info or something).

Thanks a lot,

Best Regards,

Michael Sliwinski