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31-08-2009, 00.56.41

RJ TextEd 5.6.0

RJ TextEd č uno strumento per lo sviluppo web, e un editor di testo unicode, con funzionalitą come evidenziazione sintassi, modalitą avanzata colonne, raggruppamento del codice, controllo ortografia, supporto emails, ricerca avanzata; tra le caratteristiche principali troviamo:

Auto completion: Works with html tags, CSS properties and classes.
Code folding: Fold collapsible text blocks for easier editing.
Column mode: Column editing. Some wizards are available.
ASCII and binary files: The editor handles these as well.
Html tag wizards: There are several included for creating tables, frames...
CSS editor: Install and use TopStyle Lite as your CSS editor. All html wizards support TopStyle.
FTP client: Manage your site and synchronize your local and remote folders.
Sidebar: Here you can access two file explorers, text clips, code explorer, FTP client...
Conversion: The editor can convert between code pages, Unicode formats and text formats.
UTF-8: This format is sometimes used without a BOM to identify the file type. RJ TextEd handle these to.
Html validation: Validate, format and repair your html code using wizards.
Tools: There are several tools installed like the syntax editor or the charmap utility.
Mozilla (Firefox) control: per visualizzare files Html, ASP, PHP, Javascript e XSLT nel browser.
Skin builder: per creare o modificare skins.

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