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10-09-2007, 23.44.02
quando cerco di passare a Bridge o di eseguire uno script mi da questo messaggio di errore. come faccio a risolvere questo problema?
allego il messaggio che mi arriva


11-09-2007, 13.24.34
Hai giÓ provato a fare quanto riportato qui (http://photoshophelp.blogs.com/photoshophelp/2005/08/events_manageme.html)??
Events Management

Want to have some fun with script automation in Photoshop CS2? Check out the Script Event manager.

Choose File > Scripts > Script Events Manager
The Script Events Manager dialog box appears.
Select the Enable Events... option if it is not already selected.
Currently the window is empty, indicating there are no scripts or actions associated with any events.
We are going to change that.
Select Save Document from the Photoshop Event: dropdown menu.
Choose the Script option.
Select Update File Info.jsx from the Script dropdown menu.
Click the Add button.
Your Event/Script combination is now displayed in the window.
Let's review: Whenever a file is saved in Photoshop the File Info dialog box will open automatically, reminding you to update critical file information.
Click Done.

Experiment with some of the different Event/Script combinations.

13-09-2007, 17.45.49
quando provo ad aprire script events manager mi compare lo stesso messaggio di errore

13-09-2007, 18.01.14
Non ti so aiutare. :(