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29-01-2005, 05.16.19
<p align="center"><img src="http://www.wintricks.it/wtstaff/loghi/Handy%20Password.png"></p><br><br><br><br><p align="center"><strong><font color="#527bb5" size="4">Handy Password 2.2.0</font></strong></p><p align="justify"><font size="2">Un progamma per la gestione deli nostri dati per quei form presenti on line (richiede IE 6) per accedere ad eventuali servizi, come email, forum, siti che richiedono la registrazione; le feature del programma sono :</font></p><ul><font size="2"><li>Saves passwords in browser and fill login forms with this info</li><li>High security level: encrypt all passwords with 128-bit encryption alghoritm</li><li>Automatically lock the confidential information after indicated time period</li><li>To be able to use all your passwords, you have to remember just one password, which is called &quot;Master Password&quot;</li><li>Allows you to use the keyboard instead of the mouse to perform many commands. Using the keyboard to perform a command can often save time</li><li>Allows you to quickly find the necessary information by using folder search and categorization</li><li>Is easy to install and use: one click is enough to save and fill in the fields of the web form with Handy Password</li><li>Is build in the Internet Explorer as a IE toolbar and occupies little space on the screen</li><li>Is absolutely free of charge</li></font></ul><br><br><br><br><table cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" border="0"><tbody><tr><td><img height="16" src="/image/icons/homeicon.gif" width="16"></td><td bgcolor="#527bb5"><font color="#ffffff" size="1"><b>Homepage:</b></font></td><td><font size="2"><a href="/framer.php?url=http://www.handypassword.com/" target="_blank">Novosoft Development LLC</a></font></td></tr><tr><td><img height="16" src="/image/icons/winflag.gif" width="16"></td><td bgcolor="#527bb5"><font color="#ffffff" size="1"><b>Sistema operativo:</b></font></td><td><font size="2">98/ME/NT/2000/XP</font></td></tr><tr><td><img height="16" src="/image/icons/progfolder.gif" width="16"></td><td bgcolor="#527bb5"><font color="#ffffff" size="1"><b>Licenza:</b></font></td><td><font size="2">Freeware</font></td></tr><tr><td><img height="16" src="/image/icons/filesize.gif" width="16"></td><td bgcolor="#527bb5"><font color="#ffffff" size="1"><b>Download:</b></font></td><td><font size="2"><a href="http://www.handypassword.com/hpassword.exe">Handy Password 2.2.0</a> [ 1.0 Mb ]</font></td></tr></tbody></table><br><br><br><br>

29-01-2005, 09.33.03
Ed io che pensavo fossero tutte le pass che utilizza Handy.....:eek: :rolleyes:

....:p :devil: :p

MUT :inn: